SEUM advised Skelter Labs, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup, with respect to its recent KRW 10 Billion (~US$9.3 million) funding round which closed around September 6, 2018; and the subsequent follow-on funding which closed around October 22, 2018. Through the September funding round, Skelter Labs received investments from various institutions including Korean internet and messaging […]

SEUM advised NAVER Corporation, Korea’s leading internet portal and mobile company (“Naver”), in connection with Naver’s recent contribution of KRW 99 billion (~USD 88 million) into a 100 billion won venture capital fund devoted to fostering and investing in startups. This fund is meant to find and support companies with growth potential in the global […]

SEUM advised AI education platform Elice in connection with its recent funding round through which Elice raised KRW 2.8 Billion from Altos Ventures, which closed on October 17, 2018. Elice is expected to use the investment proceeds to continue upgrading its service and expand into the global market. Founded by computer science AI researchers from […]

SEUM represented Huiseoul, a cosmetics e-commerce company, with respect to the initial coin offering (ICO) of its proprietary cryptographic tokens (ticker symbol COSM).

SEUM advised Frientrip, Korea’s leading social activity and travel platform, with respect to its recent funding round through which Frientrip raised KRW 2 Billion from Yanolja, a diversified accommodation platform, which closed on June 7, 2018. Frientrip developed and operates “Frip”, a mobile platform that allows users to join social activities such as paragliding, studying […]

SEUM advised Linewalks with respect to its recent funding round through which it raised KRW 1.9 Billion from Kakao Investment. Regarding the investment, Linewalk’s CEO Yong-hyun Cho remarked “[through this funding round] we will expand our customers and partners, and we will develop technology and increase our human resources to enhance our experience in customer […]

SEUM advised Leisure Q, Korea’s largest leisure activity platform, with respect to its recent sale of shares to Yanolja, Korea’s leading accommodation platform. Established in 2013, Leisure Q enables people to experience travel and leisure through digitalization of the leisure activity market. The company operates a B2B business providing various digital solutions to leisure companies, […]

SEUM recently advised Cube Intelligence (“CUBE”) with respect to its Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) of 43.2 million tokens (representing 60% of all tokens issued). The public sale for the CUBE tokens (ticker symbol AUTO), which were also offered for sale by reservation and pre-sale, successfully closed within 24 hours of its launch. The tokens were […]

SEUM advised Toss Lab with respect to its most recently funding round through which Toss Lab raised KRW 5.5 Billion from SBI Investment, KDB Korea Development Bank, Daekyo Investment, and Evergreen Investment Partners.
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