SEUM is a boutique law firm founded by attorneys from Korea’s top firms. We provide general corporate and litigation legal services in a variety of practice areas and are the leading Korean law firm with respect to startup companies, technology companies and venture capital funds.

SEUM works with Korean and international clients on a regular basis, handling a broad range of local and cross-border matters, to provide clear and practical advice regarding the Korean market. Some of our clients include investment funds such as 500 Startups, Legend Capital, and Mirae Asset; large corporations such as Hanwha, Naver, CJ E&M, and Line; as well as startup companies such as Lezhin Comics, Fly & Company, MangoPlate and JobPlanet. SEUM was one of 15 law firms featured in Asian Legal Business's "Firms to Watch"​ list for 2017 and selected in 2017 for the second consecutive year by Asian Legal Business as one of the best boutique law firms in Korea.

Many of SEUM’s clients take innovative approaches to tackle difficult challenges arising in this constantly evolving information age. The Korean legal profession struggles to keep pace with the rapid speed of technology and to understand modern companies and entrepreneurs. SEUM takes a different approach by embracing change and striving to be at the forefront of innovation both in Korea and globally. Not only does SEUM enjoy working with technology and startup clients to advise on novel legal issues and create new precedents, but like many of its clients, aims to create a firm culture that is innovative, inclusive and more in-line with the international community in the 21st century.

Client Friendly

All of SEUM’s partners have experience at large traditional Korean or international law firms with years of experience handling large and complex matters for demanding clients. In addition, several of our partners have experience as in-house counsel or advisors to clients to provide a more balanced and client-focused perspective for our work. Finally, we believe in investing in the professional development of our associates and work collaborate with them to achieve their personal goals and ensure consistent quality.

Flexible Mindset

In response to a number of intertwining factors such as the high speed of technological development, working culture of millennials and changing client expectations and legal service needs, firms in major markets around the globe have begun to adapt and change. Unfortunately, the Korean legal profession often resists change and adheres to the philosophy that certain matters should be handled a certain way simply because it has always been done that way. SEUM embraces change and we are constantly thinking of ways to improve our client service and internal processes. For example, we are not satisfied merely being “on par” with other Korean law firms and we are committed to implementing international best practices ranging from network security to protect confidential client information or professional responsibility standards to avoid possible client conflicts. SEUM thoughtfully considers all suggestions for improvement and development, whether from clients or internally, and seeks out such suggestions enthusiastically.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Based on client needs or desires, we are happy to diverge from the classic billable hour model and pursue alternative fee arrangements. It is our practice to discuss the fee structure (e.g., fee caps, flat fee, discounts based on certain conditions such as milestones, condition based bonuses, etc.) on a case-by-case basis before commencing work and mutually agree upon a structure that best satisfies a client’s requirements.

Our fee rates are competitive with all leading firms in Korea. Regardless of the fee arrangement, all partners review final invoices to assess the quality of our work, the work product’s value to the client and the client’s satisfaction. Based on this assessment, we can make adjustments and we always discuss fee matters with our clients during the course of a matter or transaction in a transparent manner so there will be no surprises or hidden charges.
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Add. 13F, KFAS Bldg., 211 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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