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Hoseok Jung Speaks at “FINTECH 2018” Regarding Cryptocurrency

Fintech2018 in Korea

On April 24, 2018, Managing Partner Hoseok Jung discussed Korean regulations related to cryptocurrency at “FINTECH 2018,” an event sponsored by Ether Lab, a platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency related news. The event gathered over 300 participants from various industries such as finance, fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In the first session, experts from many nations discussed how G20 countries including Korea, China and Japan can regulate cryptocurrency and blockchain networks. “Although there are no clearly defined laws related to ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges yet (in Korea), various other existing laws and regulations are being applied so one must be cautious,” said Hoseok. “For this reason, investors and the related industries are unclear about the legal landscape, and it is difficult to make new laws and rules quickly because there are so many factors to consider.”

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