Seungkyu Byun Leads Seminar at Leading Startup Assistance Program

On March 14, 2019, corporate partner Seungkyu Byun led a seminar for startups and entrepreneurs at the Busan Venture Tower in Busan, Korea for a startup program called the “Leading Venture Startup Assistance Program” (선도벤처연계 창업지원사업 교육프로그램 in Korean) sponsored by Collz Dynamics, a startup accelerator.  

For the seminar, Seungkyu provided his insight on notable cases based on his experience advising hundreds of investors, accelerators and startups.  Collz Dynamics is a leading accelerator based in Busan that operates various acceleration programs as well as incubating camps in cooperation with the Busan Regional SMEs and Startups Office, the Busan Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, and the Busan K-Startups School.