SEUM Ranks 4th Among Top Firms in 2020 M&A League Tables for Korea

SEUM accomplished to ascend to the fourth place in the first half of 2020 M&A league tables for Korea published by Bloomberg among the other top law firms.

Despite the downturn in M&A transaction volume due to COVID-19 in the first half of 2020, SEUM achieved a notable deal count by actively advising clients such as Naver, HiteJinro, Marketboro, Deeping Source, and other IT companies and startups in their investment transactions. SEUM’s deal count rose by 33% in the same period last year, achieving the highest revenue per person by a wide margin among the top law firms.

Over the past 4 years SEUM consistently held sixth or seventh place in the Bloomberg M&A league tables and the fact that SEUM broke through the top five rankings within just 8 years of its establishment shows that it is quickly being recognized as a high-quality legal service provider.

SEUM will strive to push forward, not just in its M&A and investment practice, but also to be a firm that provides comprehensive legal services that customizes to each client’s stage of development.