500 Startups and SEUM Launch START Docs 3.0

500 Startups and SEUM launched the latest iteration of the “START Docs” (standardized term agreement for raise transactions) for early stage investments in Korea. 

The initial version of the START Docs was released in October 2015 after many months of collaboration between 500 Startups and SEUM.  After one year of testing the documents in the market, 500 Startups and SEUM released START Docs 2.0 in October 2016 after incorporating comments from founders and investors.  The latest version reflects further changes made to address some areas of improvement that were identified by founders and investors.  This version includes language, style and formatting changes that were made to improve user experience as well as changes made to reflect the latest market trends including investor protections with respect to initial coin offerings. 

The new START Docs are available for download in both Korean and English from the 500 Startups Korea site (http://startdocs.kimchi.vc).